June 23, 2024

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What Solar Equipment Goes Into Your System?

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This video goes into great detail about the parts of a solar power system and how solar equipment works to provide the electricity consumers need. Solar panels are the primary part of the system, and they are the items that collect the sunlight and transform it into the energy we all need and love. You will also need an inverter in your system.

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Inverters convert DC to AC energy and play an integral part in the solar system. String inverters are another part of the system that serves the purpose of connecting the panels to your home’s power unit or infrastructure.

You may also need special racking equipment. This racking equipment will allow the solar panels to be well-mounted to sit at the best angle. Additionally, you might want to add a tracking system to your list of equipment to monitor your electricity bills and see how your unit is performing. Other pieces of equipment will go well with a solar system, too. You can get some additional information in the video if you want to go more in-depth about the subject. You can also learn some intricate details about how solar systems work and gain more understanding of their benefits.