July 15, 2024

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What to Know Before Hiring a Metal Roof Contractor

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In the video above, a professional in the home improvement industry since 1986 raises crucial points to consider before hiring metal roofing companies. The speaker expresses deep concern about deceptive practices within the field. The speaker draws attention to historical issues with shingles in the asphalt industry, revealing that shingles labeled for extended lifespans were found to last significantly less.

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This revelation prompts the speaker to underscore the importance of consumer education regarding the work of roofing companies.

Next, the focus shifts to a current issue observed which revolves around improper installation practices, particularly the use of screws that puncture the roof instead of employing more suitable clips. The speaker highlights potential problems stemming from this approach, including leaks from failing rubber washers and issues arising from the metal’s expansion and contraction over time.

Identifying a significant problem within the realm of roofing, the speaker emphasizes the frequent failure of seals and cracks in the metal after eight to 10 years. This can lead to water leaks and mold growth in attics. Despite the desire for cost-effective metal roofs, the speaker stresses the importance of investing three to four times the cost of an asphalt roof to secure a quality metal roof. The message concludes with a strong urging for consumers to educate themselves about their roofing contractors.