May 30, 2024

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When Was the Last Time That You Were Satisfied with Repair and Maintenance Work in Your Home?

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Your husband calls is the $10,000 pice of quarter round. After what seems like a grueling 10 months of waiting for repair work, the replaced piece of quarter round is the final piece in a project to replace windows and doors after a significant hail storm last spring. After a long series of mishaps and mistakes, your husband decided to withhold the last of the insurance money until the project was completely finished. Initially, only 80% of the needed windows came in. This delay lasted six weeks and then the contractors realized that half of the last set of windows had been measures incorrectly. When the two doors and 14 windows were finally completed the nest problem was that the wrong hardware had been installed on the door between the kitchen and the outside deck. As you have learned in insurance dealings in the past, once the contractors have received the money that they are owed, it is less likely that you will get the results that you need.

In this particular case, the missing piece of quarter round was removed from a space under the desk to use as a way to match the word trim for the largest window in the kitchen. Fortunately, the matching was very good; unfortunately, the contractor lost track of the trim piece for more than a month. Your husband, of course, was convinced that the piece had been thrown away, but the contractor kept insisting that they would be able to track it down. Just yesterday, after nearly a year from the beginning of the project this missing quarter round was put back into place and your husband finally paid the remaining $10,000 of the more than $24,000 project.

Shoddy Service Is a Problem in Many Areas of the home Construction and Maintenance Industry

When you think about the need for attention to detail when it comes to replacing a strip of trim after a major window project in a home it can be very frustrating when a contractor does not follow through on their work it can be very frustrating. Imagine then the frustration about the importance of reliable AC repair services and the heating and cooling installations in a home. For the majority of home owning Americans, the house that they live in is the largest investment that they will ever make. Knowing that the HVAC system is a key component in that house, then, means that it is essential that this furnace and AC repair services are as reliable as the installation and maintenance of these systems.

In a time when there is a shortage of the number of reliable AC repair services, as well as window and door installers and many other contractors, however, it can be increasingly difficult to find the right contractor.

Heating and air conditioning units are expensive and, as a result, home owners expect that these systems will be reliable and dependable. When a new unit replaces one that was previously in operation for 15 years, however, many home owners are more than frustrated to find that these new systems often only come with a 10 year warranty. To pay sometimes $10,000 for a system that is only guaranteed for a decade seems maddening. It is for these reasons, however, that furnace and AC repair services, as well as required maintenance, are so important. In addition to extending the life of a current system, it is important to work with a knowledgeable and licensed contractor to find a way to have the most efficient heating and cooling system. For instance, replacing central air conditioning equipment, especially components that are more than 15 years old, can result in significant energy savings. Given that air conditioners use nearly 5% of all the electricity produced in the U.S., it is important to address that systems that operate at an annual cost of more than $11 billion to home owners.

Nothing is more frustrating than waiting in a cold home for furnace repair or, in contrast, in a hot house for sir conditioning repair. Establishing a service agreement with a reputable HVAC contractor is in every home owner’s best interest.