July 15, 2024

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Helpful Tips For Creating A Custom Banner For Your School

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If there’s one thing every school loves, it’s showing school spirit.

Whether they’re celebrating a big win or a championship from a school sports team or a school designation or academic achievement, there’s no better time to show school spirit than with custom designed tee shirts, embroidered t-shirts, embroidered hats and many other types of clothing.

Another way for school to show their school spirit is with custom printed banners. Not only do they celebrate big accomplishments, but custom printed banners can be hung up in the school gymnasium or in the front hall of the school as a point of pride for all to see.

If you school is looking to create custom printed banners to hang up in your school, there are any number of ways to make that happen, but here are some tips to create the most effective custom printed banners:

  • Placement: Before your school even creates a banner, administrators should visualize the banner they want to make and where it will hang in the school. After all, where the banner hangs will likely affect many aspects of the design including size and color.
  • Font size: Regardless of the message on your banner, you want to make sure people can actually read it. Unlike other forms of communication like leaflets and flyers, the whole point of a banner is for people to see it from a distance. That means whatever the message is needs to be readable and easily digestible whether someone is standing right next to it or is 10 feet away.
  • Font type: Not only does your banner need to have large text, but it must also be paired with the right font. Obviously you don’t want to put your message in Wing Digs or an old-world script that no one can read. It’s easy to get caught up in all the creative and flamboyant fonds that are available today, but a better choice is something like Times New Roman or another sans-serif font.
  • Color: An obvious choice for custom printed banners are a school’s colors. But in today’s society, certain colors have different connotations, to make no mention of the fact that whatever color is chosen needs to pair well with text. We’ll get to colors a little later.
  • Branding: These days branding is everything, whether you’re talking about companies or sports team or even individuals, everything is about brand building. On that note, a school should keep its brand in mind during the entire design process. Just because something seems to pair well or look right, doesn’t mean it fits with the image your school is trying to project.

Now, back to a discussion on colors. As previously mentioned, different colors evoke different emotions and have different connotations. Colors can also be very subjective, so schools will want to study their intended audience before deciding what goes on the banner.

Different colors and their connotations include:

  • Red: It is a very powerful color and looks nice, but it’s best use in moderation since it can be associated with danger, love or excitement.
  • Orange: This is an inviting color that evokes happiness.
  • Yellow: This should be used carefully as it can be very irritating on the eyes due to its reflecting properties. But it also evokes sunshine and energy and optimism.
  • Green: This one of the most eye-catching and easy-on-the-eyes colors and it evokes new beginnings and growth and nurturing; all things a school is looking to promote.
  • Blue: This is another pleasing color with many shades that evokes safety, trust, intelligence and even elegance.
  • Purple: This can have a very smoothing effect on people and evokes wisdom, luxury and creativity among other things.
  • Black: Black text on a white background is a classic look, but black can be associated with grief, evil, power and formality.
  • Gray: This can help intensity other colors when gray backgrounds are used and it can be associated with neutrality.
  • White: This symbolizes modernity and cleanliness and is the easiest background to work with.

When it comes to showing school spirt, T-shirts are great; in fact two million of them are sold worldwide annually. But if you’re really looking for something to commemorate a big school accomplishment, you can’t go wrong with a custom designed banner.