May 30, 2024

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Why Do I Need a Securities Lawyer?

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If like many of us you are unfamiliar with securities or securities lawyers, there can be a lot to know. Keep reading to learn the basics of what a security is and what securities lawyers and securities litigation services do.

let’s start with what a security is. A security is anytime a business is trying to raise money to finance itself.

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This can include selling equity privately or publically, borrowing money through bonds, or mortgages. Simply put, it’s a way for a company to raise money.

No matter what type of security a business is trying for, they will need a securities attorney. The Attorney handles all the paperwork involved in the security for the business and is also sometimes called a transactions lawyer.

Many securities lawyers find their line of work very rewarding. They are responsible for helping businesses grow through securities.

The most popular reasons for hiring a securities lawyer are when you want to invest in a company, lend money to a company, or if you are a company looking for investors or lenders.

Hiring a securities lawyer is very popular for businesses. In 2019, 433 federal securities class actions were filed, making it the third year in a row with more than 400 filings. To learn more about securities and securities lawyers, watch the video above!