April 15, 2024

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Will Braces Impact the Shape of Your Jawline?

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Braces are a popular option orthodontists use for straightening teeth and improving oral health. One question many people have is whether braces can also impact the shape of their jawline. As with many orthodontics-related things, the answer is “It depends.

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To move the teeth to the desired position, braces work by applying consistent, gentle pressure. This pressure can impact the surrounding tissues, including the jawline, but the extent of that impact varies from person to person. For some, braces may help improve the shape of their jawline, while the impact may be negligible for others.

One way that braces can improve the jawline is by correcting bite issues. If a person’s bite is misaligned, it can cause the jaw to jut out or recede in certain areas, leading to an uneven or asymmetrical appearance. Correcting the bite with braces can shift the jaw into a more balanced position, improving the jawline’s overall shape.

However, braces can also cause changes to the shape of the jawline that may not be desired. In some cases, orthodontists use braces to cause changes to the position of the lips, which can impact the appearance of the jawline.

While braces can impact the shape or the position of the jawline, they are primarily used for improving oral health and function. Any changes to the jawline that occur as a result of braces are typically a secondary benefit.