July 15, 2024

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Do You Have Sinking Patio Pavers? Fix Them With These Tips!

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If you have uneven spots or areas of your patio that are sinking and need paver repairs and bedding work, the good news is, as the attached video highlights, these are very fixable problems. In most cases, these common patio issues can be resolved with a little effort, the right tools, and a few simple steps. The first step, like it is with most problems, is diagnosing the issue.

To diagnose the issue, you will need to remove the stones from the problem area. It is a good idea, as the video suggests, to also remove the stones around the immediate problem area for better reference and access for repairs.

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Using tools like putty knives, loosen and carefully remove the stones to reveal the bedding area below.

Next, you will want to remove and scrape away the old bedding materials before laying new bedding. After using a tamping tool to finish laying the new gravel and concrete sand bedding, use a level to ensure that the bedding area is even. Now, you are ready to clean off your stones and put them back in place.

With a little time and effort, and with only a few basic tools, you can repair your sinking patio and have it looking like new, and get back to enjoying the beauty, convenience, and luxury of your patio again.