June 23, 2024

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Do You Have a Crack in Your Windshield That Needs Repair?

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Caught on dash cam, a young group of trickers, not raters, threw a rock at your car this week. You have asked everyone you know if they recognize these kids who were on their bikes at the local middle school field on Halloween. you want to talk to their parents. The cost of the windshield repair is minor in comparison to what could have happened if those children’s aim had landed even a few inches differently while your wife was driving 40 miles an hour down one of the major thoroughfares in the area. These kids, perhaps teens, threw a rock on your wife’s car and barely missed the center of her windshield. She initially thought it was a tree branch or something unintentional until you later reviewed her dash cam.

The incident is on camera and you are filing a police report if nobody steps up and confesses to the crime that you have now posted on social media. You are also in the process of working with the school officials to retrieve any video evidence from the property that they may have. You are frustrated that this kind of vandalism is a thing now. It is almost as if this is the cool thing to do among older kids and young teens who apparently have too much time on their hands and not enough parent supervisions. Unfortunately, this is dangerous and people are dying and this generation has absolutely no concept of their consequences of their actions. You know that you are likely considered old by these vandals, but when you were a kid the most dangerous thing you and your friends did was hold firecrackers in your hands until they exploded. At least 99% of the dumb stuff you did would have hurt yourselves and no one else.

Now you are dealing with finding a place where you can get the kind of reliable windshield repairs that you need.

Auto Glass Repair and Auto Glass Replacement Shops Offer a Number of Important Services

From coming to your home or business to complete their work to offering the latest and most efficient chipped windshield repair, there are now many more ways to fix the problems cause by teenage vandals or a simple rock chip. There are, of course, many benefits to chipped windshield repair as soon as it happens. From making sure that you get the windshield repair before it spreads from a small problem to a big one to whole windshield replacement in an effort to upgrade to a more durable product, there are a number of auto glass services that can offer customers the best advice. Likewise, there are more and more people who realize the benefit of glass tinting.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the windshield repair and replacement industry and the services that hey offer:

  • Fortunately, the cost of some windshield repairs and replacements are fully covered by some insurance companies. In fact, there are states where it is the law that there is no deductible for this service.
  • As the number of cars on the road has increased and the amount of construction has grown as well, the auto glass repair and replacement Industry has increased by 4.8% within the past five years.
  • As of the end of the year 2017, there were approximately 18,910 employees working in the automotive repair and maintenance industry in America.
  • The latest research indicates that nearly 15 million windshields are replaced every year in the U.S.
  • The total revenue for the U.S. automotive glass industry will reach around $2.29 billion, according to predictions that experts have made for the year 2025.

Whether you are dealing with a window chip that is the result of young vandals or you are repairing an entire windshield after a car accident, it is important to pay for the highest quality of products that you can afford. The windshield on your car plays a significant role in the safety of the car that you drive. Knowing that your vision in unimpaired is important and there are times when the window tinting services that are available can help you protect your eyesight and your skin, as well as the interior of your car.