June 16, 2024

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Do You Need a Custody Lawyer?

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When you’re going through a divorce or the breakdown of a relationship with your co-parent, you may have a lot on your plate. Your first priority will probably be ensuring that you and your co-parent are clear about who has custody of the child or children and when you can both expect to be responsible for their care. After all, parenting doesn’t stop just because the relationship has ceased to function in the way that it once did. As you transition from being together with your child’s other parent to two separate units, you may need a custody attorney, according to this video. While you might think that custody is strictly a family matter that doesn’t require outside intervention or support, you may be surprised to find how helpful it can be to have a third party advocating for your best interests from an emotionally neutral space.

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If you and your child’s co-parent are struggling to come up with a fair custody agreement, a custody lawyer can ensure your interests are protected during these proceedings. They can also let you know what you can expect with a custody arrangement and what your rights or responsibilities are. Finally, they can help you draw up a legally sound custody agreement and complete the necessary legal paperwork to make custody arrangements official.