July 15, 2024

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What to Look for When Seeking Commercial Water Cooler

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Are you looking for commercial water cooler solutions for your office and home needs? Do you find it challenging to choose an ideal office water cooler? Worry no more! This post presents to you some of the crucial considerations that you should make when selecting a water cooler that will suit your needs.

Here are some of the crucial factors that you should consider when buying a water cooler.

The Source of Your Water

Will you connect your water cooler to bottled refills or your primary water pipe system? Before choosing a dispenser, you need to figure out the water source that you’ll use for your home or office. Water coolers fitted with in-built water filtration units can filter pipe water and provide fresh and clean drinking water. But some will use bottled refills, which is picked from your water supplier. As such, choose a water cooler whose fixtures and design are compatible with your water source.

Type and Placement

Will you place your water cooler on a table or the floor? Countertop water coolers are small-sized coolers, which can be put on tables. Such coolers are ideal for small offices or offices with few users. The floor unit coolers are a bit large, and they have a size of about 3 feet when not mounted by a bottle. Both water coolers serve the same purpose, but the floor units can hold refill bottles of a larger size than the countertop water cooler.

Temperature Settings

Different water coolers dispense water at different temperatures. As such, you should choose a water cooler whose heat settings will give you the right water temperature. It’s advisable to select water coolers that dispense both cold and hot water.

Operating Noise

Ideal commercial water cooler solutions shouldn’t make your living or workspace noisy. Many top-tier water coolers are silent when operating, but specific models make some considerable noise when heating, cooling and dispensing the water. If your water cooler gets positioned in a place where silence is necessary, then you should get a less noisy water cooler. A less noisy water cooler will help your staff to concentrate on their work instead of getting distracted by the cooler’s noise.

Drainage and Cleaning

All water dispensers and coolers should have an ideal drainage mechanism, which will ensure that the area surrounding the cooler’s faucet is kept dry by draining away all the water that spills. You should also choose a water cooler with a reservoir chamber that is easy to remove and clean to ensure that the water is clean. Dirty water can transmit diseases such as polio, typhoid, dysentery, and cholera.

Water Filtration Systems

Are you using piped water for your water coolers? If so, then you should consider buying a water cooler with an advanced filtration system. The system will help in filtering your water and keeping it clean.

Some water coolers have refill bottles with filtration systems that purify the bottled water before it trickles into the cooler’s holding reservoir. If you don’t intend to buy pre-filled water bottles, then you should choose a water cooler with a filtration system.

The Storage Capacity of Commercial Water Cooler Solutions

The time that your users take to consume such an amount of water depends on the number of offices or home occupants. If you buy a small cooler with a limited holding capacity, then you’ll need to change the water bottles more often to suit the needs of your users. But it’s advisable to choose a water cooler with a high capacity to serve a large number of people. Such a water cooler will reduce the number of times you’ll need to set up refill bottles when water runs out.

Commercial water cooler solutions are essential for any home or office because they help people to stay rehydrated in hot weather. There are many water cooler manufacturers out there, and choosing an ideal cooler is challenging. But by considering the cited factors within this post, you can manage to pick a perfect water cooler that can fulfill your needs.