June 24, 2024

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How Vehicles Are Repaired After an Auto Collision

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The YouTube video discusses how wrecked cars are repaired. If a vehicle is in an auto collision and hasn’t been totaled, it’ll go to a body shop for repairs. Insurance will change the status of a vehicle to totaled if it cannot be repaired after an auto collision.

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This is usually when there is major structural damage to the car. For example, if the vehicle’s chassis is bent or damaged beyond repair, the vehicle cannot be repaired.

Steps in Auto Collision Repairs

An experienced auto body shop technician or an estimator will inspect the vehicle thoroughly. The extent of the damage is assessed, including the frame, suspension, mechanical components, exterior, and any other affected areas. The damaged parts are disassembled, after which structural and body repairs are conducted. Once the various components are repaired, the car’s exterior is prepared for painting.

Multiple coats are painted onto the exterior of the vehicle. The first coat of paint is a base coat, and the last is a clear coat to create a beautiful glossy shine to the vehicle’s exterior. The parts are reassembled, and the car is prepared for testing. The quality control tests include testing the vehicle’s components, mechanics, and electronics to ensure it runs optimally. The goal is to ensure repairs meet quality standards before the car is detailed and returned to its owner.