June 23, 2024

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What Are the Best Skid Steer Attachments?

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Whitetail Properties released a video, “BEST Skid Steer Attachments!! | Quick Attach Mulcher, Grapple, Tree Puller,” which covers the skid steer attachments used to prepare an overgrown Oklahoma ranch for improved turkey hunting.
The overgrown ranch has cedar trees that have grown around the leafy trees turkeys roost in, giving predators access to the turkeys. The overgrowth also reduces the open space turkeys prefer for strutting, which is their optimal behavior for hunting by man.
Whitetail Properties performs the work using John Deere 333E and Gs with three handy skid steer attachments.

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The first attachment is a Quick Attach Tree Puller, which easily pulls 13 to 14-inch diameter trees from the ground. Once removed, the trees are transported to small piles.
After creating multiple piles, the Grapple Bucket attachment comes into play by grabbing and hauling bunches of trees to larger piles, where they are burned or used to direct deer along particular paths. Burning the trees and other materials before the turkey season also maximizes the open areas preferred by the turkeys.
The last of the skid steer attachments are the Forestry Mulcher, which is handy because controlled burns in dry areas like northwestern Oklahoma need fire breaks. The mulcher grinds the trees and other debris before the soil is tilled to create effective fire breaks.