May 21, 2024

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How Virtual Mill Liner Inspection Works

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You’ve got these huge machines with a liner called a mill liner; they help grind materials into smaller bits. What comes out of that process makes cement or crushing ore. Normally, inspecting these mill liners is a pain in the neck. There’s a need to shut down the whole operation and send in some people to check things out. It takes forever.

So, what they do now is something called virtual mill liner inspection. The good thing is it’s not that complicated.

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For ages, people have been using fancy 3D scanners to get a good look at these liners. They did this to see how worn out they were. Now, there’s this new software that lets manufacturers see scans in virtual reality (VR).

With this software, you can wear VR goggles. You view a 3D model of the liner, just like you were standing right next to it in real life. That way, you get close and figure out exactly how worn out it is. The software has other cool features, like a special color-coded heat map. It shows you the different patterns of wear on the liner.

The heat map helps you find any problems with the liner early on before they get worse. Get this – the software lets you have a virtual get-together with your people. Doing so allows you to chat about the liner. This virtual chat feature is a great way to collaborate, even if they’re in a different location.