May 30, 2024

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Understanding How Concrete Slabs Are Poured

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Home improvement projects may seem daunting when planning them but can be simple when you understand the process. When renovating your home or property, a great way to create a space is to pour a concrete slab. Understanding how concrete slabs are poured can allow you to decide if such an addition is right for your home.

Start by determining the space you intend to pour the concrete. Once this is decided, it’s imperative that you prepare the area prior to pouring by flattening out the surface and removing any dirt or debris that can affect the quality of your pour.

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If there is an existing flat surface to utilize, it makes the process simpler.

The next step is to set the forms up. The forms allow the concrete to be poured to your desired measurements and prevent the concrete from seeping into other parts of the property. Forms can be created with pieces of two-by-four cut to the length you desire. If you pour the concrete close to the home, you may not require a fourth piece of two-by-four to act as a form, as the edge of the home can be utilized.

For additional information about pouring concrete slabs, please review the attached video.