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Unfinished Kit Cars For Sale

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Unfinished Kit Cars For Sale

Shell Valley manufactures 427SC Cobra replicas and offers fiberglass Jeep replacement bodies. Revised in 1983, Shell Valley’s first Cobra replica, a 1983 model from the same model year, is for sale. Sources: 0, 1

The replica is covered with a $30,000 package, which is simply a kit car with a Cobra body. The Cobra is so popular that it accounts for 70 percent of all kits sold, according to Shell Valley’s website. Sources: 0

Shell Valley Classic Wheels, Inc. supplies the wheels for the Cobra, with prices starting at $9,995, and Lone Star Classics offers a $10,000 package with a Cobra body kit and $5,500 in accessories. The Lone Star Corral Kit is completed by a gullwing replica of the Growler, which resembles a current Plymouth Prowler convertible. Sources: 1

The list of components, including engine, gearbox, chassis, wheels, brakes and other parts and accessories, as well as the complete body kit, is extensive. Sources: 1

Having said that, purchasing the kit is the first step in building the car, and it would require a whole host of other parts to get it on the road. Normally, the total cost of a kit depends on the number of support systems required for the design and the size of the kit. Sources: 3

Basically, a kit, including shipping costs, should cost between $500 and $1,000 on average. However, some kits differ, and if you are looking for an exciting and inexpensive kit car, you will find it here. There are a number of kits for sale on eBay, with prices ranging from $6,999 to $8,299, with the exception of the Miata donor car. Sources: 3, 4

This stunning Ford GT40 replica was produced by Tornado Sports Cars (TSC) as part of their “Tornado Racing Series” series of kits. Sources: 4

Survivors can collect up to seven-figure sums, with some of the most expensive Ford GT40s ever on sale in the United States and Europe. Sources: 4

Factory Five Racing was founded in 1995 and was not the first Cobra replica manufacturer, but the largest. FFR also developed the GTM supercar, which used a mid-engine sports car that weighed 1,800 pounds. Race mk3 Roadster Kit, designed for wheel-to-wheel professional and amateur racing. Sources: 1

The Challenge Kit, which focused on the competition, can be found on the Factory Five website, and the Le Mans race car from the late 1980s can be found in the factory’s collection on its website. The car appears to be equipped with the same chassis as the original Cobra, originally developed by Porsche. Sources: 1, 2

The large middle lock and the BBS wheels look just right, and the seller states that the work was done in a Porsche racing shop, so you can see a lot of impressive machines in the photos. While the body will still require a lot of finishing, it’s included as part of everything – including claiming the car’s $1.5 million price tag. Although not directly listed in this ad, the parts required for completion are available to sellers upon request. Sources: 2

These replica cobras are ideal for enthusiasts who are not inclined to build their own car, or perhaps do not want to take the time to build a Cobra. They are built, painted, complete with interior and require only a few minor changes to the body, engine and transmission, as well as a bit of paint. If you prefer to buy a turnkey car, drive it, have the engines and gearboxes fitted by a specialist and complete the interior yourself, you can build the replica yourself. Sources: 1

For the past 15 years, Superformance has been distributed in the United States and has a long history of manufacturing Shelby – licensed products such as the Shelby Cobra. These cars are replicas of the 289 horsepower FIA and USRRC racing cars that brought so many victories, fame and wealth to Shelby, an American privateer, in the 1960s. Sources: 1

Superformance and Hi-Tech Automotive Cobra have been supplying 427SC replicas for more than 15 years. Visit the Shelby American website to learn more about their version of the MKIII and more information about the Cobra Cobra. Sources: 1

If you want to build a kit car, there are replica kit components for the car as they are normally built. If the buyer has the right parts and a good understanding of what is being built, the kits can be built and sold for as little as $1,000 to $2,500. Sources: 4

When done right, kits have become one of the most popular forms of automotive construction in the automotive industry, offering low operating costs and reliability provided by current modern technology. Sources: 4

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