June 24, 2024

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Culture forum is a website dedicated to many different topics that are happening in the news today and is a source for free internet news. It is clear from a quick scan of online news sites that many different cultures report happenings in the world in very different ways. Our mission is to help report on things of interest too many different cultures from many points of you regardless of their origin.

Figuring out how to stand out on the Internet is a major challenge for any news Outlet. At culture Forum we are still experimenting on the best way to figure out how to send news to our users that is useful to them and will bring them back to consume more.

In our years of experience we have seen the news industry changed dramatically. Many websites have now decided to report on sound bytes in a cutback on investigative journalism because of budget cuts. Many other sites are geared towards user input and user-generated content, again because this is a much cheaper way to present content of the world. However the problem with user-generated content is that it is not reliable.

The issue of advertising is also a major trouble spot for news oriented websites.  Many people are particularly critical of advertising and believe it has too much influence on what news is produced by a public-facing website. Others applaud advertising as a business model because it allows for users to get access to news without paying directly. Wherever you fall on the Spectrum it is something that we will discuss from time to time in the cultural Forum as we learn your opinions about the best pay model for our website.

One thing we know for sure is that many users heavily resist any service subscription fee for news. They believe that their new should be free and available quickly but they also wanted to be accurate. This creates a very difficult tug-of-war between premium and subscription-based news models.

We’ve seen with Facebook that the issue of fake news becomes friend Center when you don’t charge people for the content and rely on user-generated content. Additionally an ecosystem such as Facebook we see the people generally only pay attention to people who are sharing information that they already have a bias to accept. This is called the echo chamber by many in the industry. How exactly do you avoid Echo chamber news sites when people are able to block those that they don’t agree with and gravitate towards those who share their political views?

these are issues we would like to cover at culture Forum in depth and we are hopeful that you will join us in the conversation as we discuss these issues related to fake news, Echo Chambers, and gaining perspective that you may not at first agree with.

If you have specific topics you would like us to cover we would hope they would drop us a comment or send us an email. As we were in these formative stages of discovering what users will come to the site and what continent they would like to see your feedback will be particularly important for us.

If you are reading this you’re probably reading many other free internet news sites and probably have an excellent point of comparison you could share with us. What are your favorite sites and what do you like about the sources of your news today that you can consume. Recognize that you consume news on many different devices from handheld bones to tablets to computers at your desktop.

What exactly makes an excellent free internet news destination for a user?  Is it required that the news is highly accurate or do they want it to be especially timely. We’ve noticed a biased towards timely reporting or things need to be posted as quick as possible even if that means on the quality of the reporting. However we have not seen the research that supports the idea that timeliness is more important than quality to the end user at the end of the day. We would love your opinion on this ship you have time to share it with us.

It also noticed that many news sources, particularly those that offer free internet news stories, have an abundance of pictures and video. Is visual representation of the news of the name of this particular important to you over Dept of reporting a journalistic integrity?  We would like to hear your thoughts on the use of video and images in your view stories. This is probably closely to related how much time you have to review a new source when you’re looking for sound bites and to keep current on what’s happening in the day.

Twitter is an excellent example of a site that is very news by or ended because of the character limit on what can be posted. This is a platform for free internet news where individuals can broadcast what they’re seeing directly to very large numbers of followers if they have such an audience. The construction of this ecosystem allows people to choose who they are following me and you unfollow people who use points at you they’re not really interested in learning more about.  Again the entire ecosystem is based on the idea of short sound bites and a very discreet number of work. This type of file from does not lend itself to long-form journalistic exploration in any sense whatsoever. However they have recently introduced the idea images in their tweets make me more visually appealing.

Facebook seems to be dominated more by videos which in many cases autoplay on an individual speed. Facebook has solved the problem of anonymity and is has a requirement that you are verified in that they know something about you before they’ll give you an account. This is because of the intimate nature of the data they collect about you and your Social Network including all the friends you have and even who you’re married to. Louis free internet news website sources  will not be this intrusive and asked you for such detailed information. The fact most users would not surrender this information to many platforms. Facebook has a particular position of prominence because of the high levels of trust that people have placed in the platform. We do not Endeavor to reach this level and realize that we are just two lonely website out there competing for eyeballs who want to engage in our free internet news sources.

I sure would like to know about your preference for receiving emails from us. We’re looking for a new source is it a requirement that you have a website that will email you something important happening. Do you want your free internet news provider to offer email alerts for text alerts for that matter you can both be quite intrusive many people are quite guarded around who they will give their email address to the text numbers are even more guarded as people don’t want to listen to text that are bothersome while they’re going about their day-to-day activities. Will be very interested you know if this is a service you would find a value or if would just simply annoy you.