June 23, 2024

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When Was the Last Time You Had Your Stacks Inspected?

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Are you 100% sure that your factory is running safely without any health hazards? When your facility has smokestacks and chimneys they must be kept in great condition as well as good working order. New stacks need to be inspected and accessed twelve months after they have been used to ensure proper performance under load. Older factories should have regular industrial chimney maintenance to ensure these structures work as they should so they are not contributing to safety, health or environmental concerns. This includes cleaning and when needed, chimney demolition.

Start with Industrial Chimney Inspections

In order to determine the status of industrial chimneys, they need to be inspected thoroughly. This also helps to ensure your factory stays in compliance with necessary regulations that could prevent an untimely shutdown. Inspections and maintenance both can help save your business money since problems are addressed before they can become too serious and even more expensive. Unplanned repairs for an industrial chimney do not always fit in your operations budget.

Keep Your Factory from Coming to a Standstill

An industrial chimney company has the highly skilled rope access techs needed to provide thorough inspections as well as on-site repairs. They also have the necessary education, knowledge, tools, and equipment needed for any painting and hydroblasing as well as the ability to refinish an industrial chimney. They also offer services you may find useful for smokestacks, ductwork, vessels, wind turbines and much more.

Professional Industrial Chimney Contractors Are Ready to Team Up with You

When you take advantage of maintenance plans for your industrial chimney or chimneys, it is a worthwhile investment. Maintenance supervisors and plant managers are encouraged to team up with an industrial chimney contractor that can meet all of your needs, including staying within stringent regulations that must be met by all chimneys as well as smokestacks. Together you can make sure that all chimneys and smokestacks are efficient and safe.

What Needs Repaired That You Can’t See from Ground Level?

An important question factory owners need to ask themselves concerning their chimneys is, what needs to be repaired that cannot be seen from ground level? You may go past them every single day and not notice when a chimney is in disrepair. How could you notice from the ground? Chimneys tend to hide the most wear-prone and damaged areas since they can be on the interior, around areas near breeching duct inlets, on the top, near upper reaches of platforms, ladders and fall-arrest systems, and inspection ports. Stacks need to be monitored closely since they also need to meet permit conditions as an imperative part of plant emission systems.

It Takes Special Care to Keep Chimneys Regularly Maintained

Since industrial chimneys tend to be subject to wear and tear and many stresses, they need special attention from expert chimney inspection techs. Specialists know what to look for including shrinkage cracks and hairline cracks that can turn into deterioration and spalling. Different elements, such as a plant’s exhaust stream, can also wear out the interior of chimneys and stacks which leads to the build-up of rust, the de-lamination or thinning of fiberglass reinforced shells or plastic liners and overall deterioration.

When certain elements of a chimney are compromised it can cause leaks and even possible fires. Stacks with leaks that are partially or fully enclosed can cause carbon monoxide to seep into the structure and pose a very serious health hazard. Having a customized maintenance and repair plan in place reduces those risks significantly.

Prevent Failures and Even a Complete Collapse

Nothing needs proper and regular maintenance, service and repairs than industrial chimneys. What starts as a minor repair can quickly lead to a disaster without implemented solutions. Avoid expensive problems and even a complete collapse that can severely hurt your business by using the trustworthy services of an industrial chimney company.