April 16, 2024

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Your Guide To An Occlusal Night Guard Splint

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Some patients suffer significantly from teeth grinding and clenching, which can be habitual. According to this video, patients who do this regularly need the assistance of an occlusal night guard splint. This has to be measured to fit each patient’s mouth to make sure it fits properly and prevents the patient from continuing this pattern.

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This is something that is worn throughout the night and done every day for several years until the habit has stopped.

When this is installed, it is done in the dental office after it has been fitted to ensure that it is comfortable when it’s placed. It shouldn’t cause any discomfort and should be easy to remove in and out of the mouth. It takes some time to ensure it will fit and adjust to the teeth. Over time, this may need to be adjusted, especially if there is discomfort from the splint. When patients come in for their cleanings and annual exams, they should bring their splint with them to see if it needs adjustment, or if a new one needs to be made for the mouth. Over time, the dentist will be able to determine if the habit has stopped and when they can stop wearing it regularly.