May 29, 2024

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What Does a Home Care Agency Worker Do?

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Depending on your specific role in a home healthcare agency, you may take up a range of tasks during your workday. If you own a home care agency, you might have different items on your to-do list than a direct care worker or an administrative assistant would have according to the video “Home Care Series | Day in the Life of a Home Care Agency Owner | Bonus Tip Included.” Considering a career related to home care can be a rewarding idea, but the reality of working in these agencies may feel murky if you don’t know anyone who works in this setting. We’ve compiled information about what home care agency staff do on a typical workday.

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If you work in home care, you’ll probably spend part of your day commuting to the home of a single client or the homes of clients whom you serve. You may also communicate with family members of the clients or the clients themselves to arrange your schedule. Beyond performing tasks associated with caring, you also may need to attend meetings, write documentation, and provide customer service.

When you own a home care agency, your workday may not include direct care. You might complete paperwork and attend meetings. You may also spend some of your time recruiting new staff and clients.